〈大香港 - 高貴的香港人〉
The Wonderful Hong Kong and the superior Hong Kongers

I’ve been unhappy lately because of Hong Kong people.

Living in Hawaii, I face white people, Polynesians,  Koreans, Japanese, Southeast Asians, and even Africans. The more I approach with people from all over the world and the more I really get to know the world, the more I struggle with one question:


What makes Hong Kong people feel they’re superior?

Hong Kong is a wonderfully developed country. Other countries in Asia are poor. Countless Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Indonesians come to Hong Kong to work as a cleaner or a housemaid. In that way, they earn even more than being a doctor or an engineer in their countries. It is Hong Kong that has given them a chance to live a better life as a human, right?


If you only see Hong Kong, you’ll stay at that level for the rest of your life. Your progression is done.

One Hong Kong man said Mongolians would do anything in order to earn money after they come to America because their country is poor. Hearing that statement, I was unhappy, so I said, “Not all parts of the country. Do you think there are only grassy plains there? Have you ever been to Mongolia? There are actually some modern cities in the country.”

Hearing a Hong Konger criticize Mongolia, why was I unhappy? Because I know a girl from Mongolia and she is just from the capital city. She’s direct in her words but insightful. We had deep conversations sometimes and I enjoyed that. I like that friend.

Many Hong Kongers don't know anything about other countries, but they like to give comments on other countries, saying “They are people who do this and do that...” Nonsense. Many of those Hong Kongers have never lived abroad. Some of them have even never left Hong Kong.

Then they’d say, “Of course not! I have relatives living in Canada. I’ve traveled to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore...etc.”

我會說:「So what?」你去過不同國家,每個觀光了幾天,但你和當地人成了好朋友了嗎? 你有作為一個市民感受過那裡的生活嗎? 或者你有跟那麼人一起住過一段時間嗎? 如果沒有的話,你怎麼好意思說自己「真的了解」他們的文化? 去旅遊,看了一眼東京塔你就了解日本文化? 去過大笨鐘拍張照你就明白英國文化了? 如果真是這樣的話,我早應該要有個人類學博士學位了!
I’d say, “So what?” You’ve traveled to different countries for sight-seeing. So you have become close friends with people from those countries? Have you lived there as a citizen? Or have you lived with those people together for a long time? If your answer is no, how dare you say you really know their cultures? Having seen the Tokyo Tower makes you understand JP culture? Having visited the Big Ben makes you understand British culture? If that’s the case, where is my Doctor’s degree in humanities?

You only see Hong Kong, your mind only has Hong Kong, but you talk of the world. That’s interesting.

We were eating, one said without even thinking clearly, “Of course! Life in Africa is so bad.”

I immediately replied, “So living in Hong Kong is wonderful? Do you have a house in Hong Kong? Can you afford it? Is it easy to find a job in Hong Kong?”

I continued, “Have you been to Africa? Who gives you the idea that entire Africa is terrible? Do you know South Africa? It’s a rich country. There are even white people living there. They have food to eat. They have houses to live in. They don’t even need to work like you, Hong Kongers, who work like dogs and use 99% of your salaries just to pay the rents. How is Hong Kong good?”

He said, “But Africa is not safe.”

我答:「香港的治安又好到哪裡了? 你晚上走在街上,難民拿著刀走在你面前你都不知道。我在家時隔幾天就聽到一次電視新聞說哪個女學生被難民強姦。香港治安哪裡好了?」
I replied, “Is Hong Kong safe then? Now a lot of immigrants in Hong Kong carry knives with them at night. They walk with you on the same street. Back in the time when I was at home, I heard news such as “a student girl raped by a refugee...” every few days. How is Hong Kong safe?”

即使如此,香港人仍然覺得香港的生活質素很高,繼續看不起其他亞洲國家的人,因為他們的國家貧窮。真的要以金錢來衡量一個國家的人的貧賤嗎?那不如做一下最簡單的資料搜尋,只要點一下維基百科,就可以看到香港在亞洲的GPD per capita, 連頭五位都不入。
Even that, Hong Kongers still think living in Hong Kong is excellent. They still look down on people from other countries in Asia because they’re poorer. Are we really going to determine the value of people by how rich their countries are? Are we really going to do this? Then let’s look at the GDP per capita figures in Asia. Hong Kong is NOT EVEN TOP FIVE in Asia. Aren’t you guys rich?

科威特、阿拉伯不比香港高? 不論鄰近的澳門和星加坡,就看香港人最看不起的南亞,也有Brunei(汶萊),他們的GDP per capita也比香港高。這還只是亞洲,比香港富有的歐美國家更比比皆是。香港真的很富有嗎? 實際上,你不需要什麼經濟學的專業知識都可以知道,香港已經發展到盡頭了,發展空間已經少之又少,將來只會有越來越多國家爬過香港。香港人,不願承認這事實嗎?
Qatar has higher GDP per capita. Macau and Singapore too. Even in South Asia, which most HK people look down on, there is Brunei. Theirs is higher than HK too. That’s just Asia. How many more European countries out there are richer than HK? In fact, you don’t need to be professional to know that HK has reached its limit already. HK has basically no more room for development. There will only be more and more countries topping HK. Hong Kongers, are you not willing to accept this fact?

香港人為何不把自己的大香港拿來跟其他富有的國家比一比? 怎麼只看到南亞人在香港做家傭做清潔,就把只目光放在他們上,然後自己感覺良好? 怎麼只跟貧窮的國家比較? 要再跟北韓比一比嗎? 我再重申一點,即使是GDP比香港低的國家,他們的人民都不用像香港人那樣像狗般工作都交不起租。他們工資少,城市沒香港先進發展,但他們住得比你好,吃得比你好。
Why don’t HK people compare their wonderful Hong Kong with other richer countries? Why do they only see some South Asians work as cleaners in Hong Kong and they’re just satisfied? Why do they only compare HK with poor countries? Indeed, HK would seem cool if it’s compared with North Korea! But the fact is, even in those so-called poor countries, people earn less, but they eat well and live well. Their countries aren’t as developed as HK, but they don’t need to work like dogs just to pay their rents.

說到這裡,香港人一定會說:「香港今時今日變成這樣是因為大陸人! 他們來搶屋、搶福利,連奶粉都要搶!是大陸人把香港搞成這樣!」 
At this point, HK people would absolutely say, “Hong Kong has become like this only because of mainlanders! They came to get housing, benefits, and everything in HK. Chinese mainlanders did all of this to ruin HK!”

沒錯,是有這樣的事。不過,這樣的事只有發生在你的大香港嗎? 只有香港是這麼不幸嗎? 不要再把目光只放在香港了。在美國居住的人,只有一半有真正的美國國籍,一本護照,你不知道嗎? 美國到處都是非法居留者。德國收了多少難民?治安差了多少? 還有其他歐洲國家收了多少難民? 
Yes, these things did happen. Again, so what? Do these things only happen in Hong Kong? Don’t just look at Hong Kong. In the U.S., only about half of the residents truly have passports lol. There are countless illegal residents in the U.S. Germany too. How many refugees has Germany accepted? How is it affect their country? What about other countries in Europe, aren’t they accepting refugees? 

現實就是現實,誰不會為了更好的生活而去打擾其他國家?換個角度看,難道就沒有香港人去打擾其他國家嗎? 別說笑,多的是了。去英美加澳生活,經歷過不用做樓奴的生活,就再也不回香港了。那麼按照香港人看南亞人和中國人的道理,外國人是不是應該名正言順地視香港人為低等人? 
Please be realistic. Who doesn’t bother other countries for a better living? There is no Hong Kongers who bother other countries? Stop kidding! Countless HK people move to England, America, Canada, and Australia and they don’t come back to HK anymore. So according to HK people’s theory, should people of those countries see HK as “lower people?”

So am I saying Chinese mainlanders have nothing to do with the mess in Hong Kong? No. Am I seeing Hong Kong people as lower people? No. I mean all humans are the same. There are people who come to Hong Kong for better lives and they’ve made a mess in Hong Kong. Then, there are HK people who move out from HK for better lives. Thousands of people are moving everyday in the world. People are capable of doing anything they can do for a better living. That’s just a human nature. Is that even something new? 

You might say, South Asians come to HK as refugees. HK people who move abroad are legal immigrants. They do it with their specialties or through investments. Okay, it does sound different. It sounds nicer. So what? Is there truly a fundamental difference? 

Let’s pause for a bit. 

如果你是香港人,看到這裡,你氣憤嗎? 一個不知從哪裡冒出來的「粉腸」,突然毫不客氣地用了四版中英對照來罵香港人。這「粉腸」下筆鋒利,用字辛辣尖酸,將你的國家踩得一文不值,你生氣嗎? 好了,停一停,大家來冷靜一下。
If you’re a Hong Konger, are you offended? An irrational guy from the middle of nowhere suddenly used 4 pages to criticized Hong Kong people. This guy has a ridiculous tone, strong words, and repulsive ironies, giving the idea that Hong Kong is nothing. Are you angry? Okay, let’s pause it. Let’s calm down.

I talk like that because I want you to feel what it’s like to have your country despised by someone else. HK is such a developed and rich country, you don’t get to hear people tease you for being poor or your poor life quality. Therefore, I’m giving you such an experience with my words. I’m letting you feel it for yourself. 

一個陌生人突然這樣批評你的國家,你的人民,感受怎樣? 好受嗎? 不好受吧?
A stranger criticizing your country and your people like this. How does it feel? Feels good? No, right?

既然如此,我們為什麼還要因為香港在亞洲算是富有一點,而就去鄙視其他我們並不了解的國家呢? 對,我說我們,因為我在中學時也和其他普通的香港人一樣,曾經有過那樣的想法。
So why do we despise other countries we don’t know well just because Hong Kong is a bit richer in Asia? Yes, I said “we,” including me. When I was in high school, I was just like other HK people. I had that mindset too.  

但為什麼現在我變了,反過來對香港人的那種思想表示強烈憤怒? 因為我的人生經歷不同了,我和那些國家的很多人成了好朋友。但很多香港人仍然自己的見識僅限於香港,在毫不清楚其他國家的情況下,隨口對其他國人的人說三道四,甚至看不起那些人民。我的朋友這樣被你們罵,我很心痛。
Why have I changed and expressed anger against that typical Hong Kong mindset? It’s because I’ve become good friends with a lot of people from those countries. But still, a lot of HK people have their minds only on Hong Kong, without truly knowing about other countries, they criticize them and look down on them. My friends being despised by you, how am I supposed to feel comfortable?

我有視我如己出的乾媽,我的首爾母親,她給我無限的愛。我獨自在海外生活,痛苦掙扎時,她關心我遠比我身邊大多數的香港人多。我尊敬她,愛她。我對她說「Sa lang hae」比對以前的女朋友還要多,呵呵。
There is a Korean woman who treats me as a son. I call her “Seoul Mum.” She’s given me tons of love. When I struggled alone in the U.S., she cares for me more than most HK people around me. I love her. I’ve said “Sa lang hae” to her even more than to my ex-gf.

And then what? When some HK people knew about that, their first reaction was to ask with a stupid smile, “Has your Seoul Mum had a plastic surgery before?”

I wanted to say, “Your brain eaten by a dog?”

當香港人開玩笑說「你和那印尼妹結婚吧!」或是「你娶個賓妹吧!」時,你可能只當一句普通玩笑,但知道你這樣一句話包括多沉重的種族歧視嗎? 你們不是經常當鍵盤戰士批評美國白人歧視黑人嗎? 你們自己又怎麼了? 雙重標準?
When you HK people joke like “Why don’t get married with that Indonesian girl” or “You should find a Filipino wife!” you may think it’s just a casual joke, but do you know how much racial discrimination it contains? Don’t you all criticize how white Americans discriminate black Americans? Now what? Double standards for yourselves?

I have a friend, an HK-Filipino mix who grew up in HK. She’s such a nice person to me. When I puzzled about life, she listened to me and gave good advice. When things went well in my life, I shared my happiness with her. There’s no happier thing than chatting with her. She’s kind-hearted, generous, optimistic. She’s such a sunshine. What wrong has she done? How come some HK people look at her differently just because she’s half Filipino? 

At home, at university, and in my life, I’ve met countless people from poor countries in Southeast Asia. Their countries are poor, but they live more righteously than I do. They once received help from charity organizations. They now know how to give and sacrifice for others. They are full of virtues which we could learn. 

你真的只有看到他們有多窮嗎? 其他什麼都看不到嗎?
Do you really only see how poor they are? Can’t you see anything else?

Before you criticize or make fun of them, how much do you actually know about them?

Why don’t you open your eyes and look at the world?

If you think in the HK way, if your eyes could only see Hong Kong, you will stay at this level forever. Your progression is done, no more.