Hi guys! I am Summer.

I cannot hear you. I cannot see you. You are better than my therapist. She is dead anyway. Guess you can keep my secrets. And you are the record of my life.

Everything starts way back when I am still in Hong Kong. When everything went wrong. When I made friends with the wrong people and kinda became a monster or maybe they made me a monster. HAHAHAHAAH! Lets us go back when I was just 8 years old.

It was back in Hong Kong when I am studying in a catholic primary school. St X Primary School. I was in Primary 4 and all I know is that there’s only black and white, right and wrong in this world, society. I have friends.

Adam, the boss, friends with everyone in this school. His grades are good. His answers are all just look like model answer.

He is rude. He always hits people for fun. Every month, he chooses one of his friends to hit.It was in November. And this month, I am his target. Guess I cannot hide from this forever.

Everyday in this month will be like this.

I go to school. Adam stops me in front of the classroom by pushing me from the back to the floor.

My bag is like 3kg compared with my weight at that time, about 30kg.

It is 10% of the weight of my body. I fell badly. I cannot cry, cos cry means weakness.

This is how he says Good Morning.

‘Have you done your homework?’


‘Give it all to me and you will have mine’


Just like this I gave him the homework I have worked hard for for 3 hours straight at home and what did I get? Some beatings and the detention for 2 hours straight after school from 4:15pm to 6:15pm that day.If you are thinking that I should tell the teacher about it, just die. Really! Die with the some trillion people that I have made disappear. Let me explain.
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