That day, the same day that I was beaten up, I saw something during detention.

During detention, I want to pee soo much so I went to the toilet.

The principal office is right between the detention room and the toilet.

It is a room with a glass window that you can’t see through but some students solve the problem by putting plastic tape on the glass and they can see through it.

Rumour is it that people can hear girl screaming during lesson and after school in that room. Some boys looked through the window and one by one they are changed. Some grew taller, some depressed students became happier.I looked through it. There, I saw Adam writing on a paper while looking on another paper and a man and a girl hugging each other with a part of the man inside the girl. Wait. That paper looks like a test paper and the subject is the one that is going to be tested this Saturday. I wonder who the man and girl are. I put my ear on the door.

A girl voice ‘harder harder! Ya-ma-dei! It hurts!’

A man voice ‘You better last longer. If we stopped, I will take his test paper back no matter how much he had done.

I know his mark means a lot for you. You want him to go to a good secondary school, a good university and a good job right?

Do not destroy the future of a good kid because of bad sex.’

A girl voice ‘Copy faster! Let me do a blow job.

Cum in my mouth and I will swallow it.

Do not take his paper away if I have swallowed it please.

You can play with my breast and pussy while I am blowing you.

Please protect my son even if he is in any trouble.

Do you remember what you promised me during summe..


He hit her butt. How I know where Adam learnt his hitting.‘Stand up!’

He shoved her on the floor and put his penis in her with her kneeling on the floor like a dog. She screams like a dog too.

Then I hear the sound of door opening. I quickly ran inside the toilet and finish my business. When the teacher is at the door of the bathroom, I am washing my hand. ‘Sorry miss, I was pooing.’ She brought me back to the depressing room where we sat down finishing an essay on why we should not do what we did that made us be in this room.
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