The hitting, being called names, detention happened for half a month.

I thought this is what friends do with each other and I allowed this to happen.

I cannot sleep and I slept during lessons.

I spent the night worrying about homework and doing the homework for two person at the same time.

Things were bad. I hate myself and I had bad dream for 10 days straight, thinking about school.

All the hate.

Thursday night, something weird happened to me in my dream when I am still doing homework at night.



I cannot remember exactly what happened but things changed when I went back to school on the day I remembered.

I arrived at school the same time as usual but I found out that all the teachers are in front of the gate to greet me. All of the students are in the court. The head master says ‘Please greet the president of student Summer.’ All of the students bowed and says ‘ Good morning Summer’ what is happening. I asked the headmaster how long they have been standing for in the sun. ‘They have been standing for 20 minutes. School started 20 minutes ago. I thought that was what you told me yesterday, morning assembly. That is what you have said.’I went to a classroom, closed the door and took everything out of my bag and there it is, the plan, what I did back then.

1. Ask the teachers about the things that the principal did and if he has harassed them before, get their signature. Tell them that it will only be used if the principal did not accept their terms and stop harassing them.
2. Catch the principal doing it with other people and use the Nokia phone that parents gave to capture it3. Show the principal the pictures and threaten to expose them to the police if he doesn’t stop harassing the teachers or try to expel me out of school.4. Tell him that you know about what he did to Adam’s mom, tell him that Adam has a 18 years old sister. If I convince the principal to marry the girl in exchange for Adam and my excellence in grades, Adam will loose his sister, they are close. Making Adam suffer when their parents want the best future for him. AHAHAH!
5. Making the whole school suffer by principal naming me the president of students and they need to have an assembly every morning and stand under the hot sun for nothing. This is evil and I like it.Now that these all happened, does that mean no one will bully me again?Ever since then I can do whatever I want in school. Skipping lessons, practicing sports during recess and breaks even lesson time. Reading books in lesson. I read a lot of books in lesson that I finished reading all of the books in the library in my school by the end of Primary School. By the end of primary school, the principal and I are best friends. He send me pictures and videos of he being with Adam’s sister from time to time and I am satisfied as I used my excellent grades to go to a good secondary school. That is when I know about social media, instagram snapchat, Facebook. Do you know that snapchat is originally made so that people can sext with each other as messages are deleted after 10 seconds. And I used snapchat to sext too but that’s for a later story.
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