“No...It can’t be...” Ødeguard lifted the cracked skull from the floor. It had the cap of his father and the scout badge was laying motionlessly next to it. Just as the train of thoughts ended, a young voice said “ Veniam in me mister, auxilium tu mihi reperire Teddy ursus?” “OH #### IT! ####” Benjamin yelled. THIS, was EXACLY how survivors described, the exact words from the exact voice right before their partners died! “RUN FOR IT!!!” Nestor yelled at the top of his voice. “And whatever you do, DON’T LOOK BACK!” The boys ran as fast as their legs can carry them, but just as they reached the other side, a black mist appeared in front of them, then, a tall figure appeared in front of them. It was a long ripped cape in black, with two menacing red glowing eyes in the darkness of the hole where the head is supposed to be, white hands reviled from the black cape and strips of black spirits flowed around the figure as it hovered...‘Ördög.’ Ødeguard thought with a shrudder. He has read multiple books about this creature, a monster that kills victims in many ways. Hollow breathing sounds of the devil filled the corridor as the demon advanced towards them. It reached behind its back and pulled out a silver scythe that reflected the blue-ish white moonlight. Ördög yielded his gigantic weapon straight at Ødeguard but surprisingly, missed. The three boys ran for their lives using the moment of the demon’s weapon being stuck in the floor as an advantage, but it was fast, Ördög darted in front of them in just the blink of an eye...They were trapped.
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