Ødeguard and Benjamin were on their way to the haunted college when a familiar voice said behind them “Ødeguard? Benjamin? Whatcha do’in here?” It was Nestor, their best friend. “Heading for the haunted college! Obvs.” Benjamin said, rolling his eyes at Nestor. “How about you?” I asked Nestor. “Well, just strolling around as usual until we bumped into each other, anyways, mind if I come with you guys?” “Nope, you’re welcome to join us!” Benjamin said, suddenly becoming brighter.
30 minutes later, they arrived at the rusted iron gates of the abandoned school, the light breeze blowing through the broken windows made a horrifying “whoo-ing” sound. The gate creaked loudly on its hinges as they pushed it wide open. Slowly, the three boys walked into the lobby of the abandoned school. “I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this.” Ødeguard said, his voice cracking. “Well it’s not our fault that you’re so fearful!” Benjamin yelled. Apparently, Ødeguard wasn’t the only one who was scared, since Benjamin literally got a heart attack as the gate slammed loudly without a warning right behind them. Ødeguard teased him back “Well who’s afraid now?” Benjamin frowned at him for a moment before telling them to follow him. ‘Ha. Well that shut him up,’ thought Ødeguard.
As the trio walked up the old wooden planks, the staircase made an unsettling creaking sound as if it was going to collapse any moment. Benjamin was apparently getting more and more afraid while Ødeguard on the other hand, is getting surprised of how brave he is getting himself. He dashed up to Benjamin and said “Give me the lamp,” since he was pretty much annoyed by his slowness
After ages of walking, they finally found the haunted level. It was the total alternative of the lower 4 floors, this one was so much cleaner, and seems newer than the other ones, but Ødeguard was starting to get a bit traumatized by the fact that this level was not seen from the outside. He remembered clearly that only 4 floors, including the ground floor, was seen outside the school, and after reciting the stairs they walked, he realised, this very floor, is REALLY the extra, haunted floor. As the team walked further, what greeted them, was not anything they would have expected...
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